Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CMS Rapidup 1.3b

RapidUp is unattended uploader for 11 free file hosts:

* BaDonGo
* FileFront
* MegaShares
* MegaUpload
* RapidShare
* SendSpace
* SexUploader
* Uploading
* UploadPort
* zUpload
* DepositFiles

It supports FREE as well as PREMIUM accounts. Scheduler and auto-shutdown options are
supported. Advanced upload manager allows you upload multiple files simultaneously.
Bandwidth control system allows you to control upload bandwidth given to the whole program
and you can distribute bandwidth equaly among upload tasks. Upload through proxies
(HTTP and SOCKS) is also provided which you may consider using due to privacy reasons.
Program supports 'stealth' mode with 'BOSS' hotkey. File name scrambling is also supported
and for convenience there is also descramble .BAT script maker.

Changes in release 1.3b:
- fixed RS (free users i.e. no account), file limit lifted to 300 MB, added Telia Network support

Changes in release 1.2:
- New internet engine (Revision 3)
- RapidShare uploader updated
- Upload buffer size defaults now to 32KB
- Addes timeouts for uploader (connect and read timeouts) for reliable uploads
- RapidShare support for Cogent/Level 3 networks

Notes: Recommended value is 32 KB, but if you have xx Mbps connection you may consider using bigger buffer (e.g. 512 KB).

Future improvements
- link organizer
- more upload services



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